Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sperm whales breaching!!

What a day full of surprises we had today! In the morning we saw a very large group of Risso’s dolphins. Normally here in Sao Miguel we see small group with 5 to 20 individuals, but today’s group was extra large; we could have around 100 Risso’s dolphins, all ages: adults, young ones and very small calfs. We also saw a pod of common dolphins. In the afternoon, we were very lucky to spot a sperm whale family, many whales were around, calm and socializing and we had the amazing opportunity of seeing them breaching!
Stripped and common dolphins also showed up.

We had the luck to see a big male jumping

Common dolphin

The group of common dolphins was full of babies

 An adult Risso's dolphin

A younger one

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