Friday, October 7, 2016

A family of sperm whales and Mr Liable

We were back to the sea today! We started the day with a group of bottlenose dolphin; they were really calm approaching to the boat several times. The clients could appreciate the size of the animals when they came close to the boat, bottlenose dolphins can grow up to 4 meters!

Once the bottlenose dolphins were well seen we head far away from the coast to the area where the look-out found a family of sperm whales. We could see around 9 sperm whales spread out in the area. The behavior of the animals was difficult for observation; they were doing shallow dives for a long time and keeping the distance with the boats.

In the afternoon tour we saw one more species: common dolphins. The group was really big, we had about 80 animals in the area including calves and juveniles. We were luckier with the behavior of the sperm whales in the afternoon. They were logging at the surface… we could even heard their breath! Once we finished the observation of the family we start heading back to Ponta Delgada but we had a nice surprise waiting for us… Mr Liable! The big male that we have seen for the last few days was once again in the area. The sea was with the perfect conditions to take the perfect pictures of its tail.

Photos from today:

Mr Liable going for a deep dive

Perfect picture for Photo ID

Whale watchers

A family of sperm whales

Whale watching

Dolphin watching

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