Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Another day with Mr Liable

Today the male sperm whale we call "Mr Liable" was with us again. In the morning we found him by chance from aboard our catamaran; after an encounter with a group of common dolphins we went searching futher out and spotted the blow from Mr Liable on the horizon. We had to wait for the next time he came to the surface because the first time we saw his tail from far away, but the wait was well worth it as he raised his tail very high out of the water in slow motion, almost stopping mid way to make sure we could all get the prize photo. In the afternoon we encountered the famous Mr Liable again, again with a great tail to mark the moment. We ended this great day with a group of bottlenose dolphins (the group of Bubblemaker) just outside the marina of Ponta Delgada.

Photos from the morning:

Photos from the afternoon:

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