Saturday, October 29, 2016

Dolphins in the rain

Today was the first day on the sea since the 20th of October so we were very excited to go out and see out cetacean friends. We have been busy in the office keeping up with our research but we have been missing the animals and the saltwater. We still had "old sea" out there, so lots of waves and swell and then the rain came to block our lookouts, but we had some lovely encounters with common dolphins. Bowriding, wakeriding, jumping and playing around. In the afternoon we encountered two groups of common dolphins again, but then we also had a bonus encounter with a playful group of juvenile Atlantic spotted dolphins. They were very active, jumping and playing around in the waves in front of our boat. After so many days on land it was truly a blessing to see their smiling faces again. And some of us were lucky to see flying fish on the way back.

Photos from today:

Common dolphin

Common dolphin

Dolphin watching aboard our catamaran

Playful juvenile Atlantic spotted dolphins

Atlantic spotted dolphins leaping in front of the bow of our catamaran

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