Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Love is in the water

Today was a great day to see sperm whales off São Miguel island. In the morning we went to the east to see a family group of females with their babies. After a bit of waiting we encountered a female together with a calf at the surface. In the afternoon we went to the west to see different sperm whales. Our lookout had spotted a male who we suspected to be Mr Liable. Indeed it was Mr Liable, and to our surprise he was not alone as he almost always is. He was together with an adult female who we call Marble. Big male sperm whales like Mr Liable are almost always seen alone and usually only meet up with females to mate with them. We suspect that this was the case today with Mr Liable and Marble. We watched them at the surface together for a bit, then Marble slowly rolled and lifted her tail a bit and the two of them slipped under water. Some might say that love was in the air, or rather in the water for these two whales this afternoon. As for dolphins, we had some really nice encounters with common dolphins during the day and also with a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins at the end of the afternoon tour. What a great day!

Photos from the morning:

Watching common dolphins from the catamaran

Sperm whale adult female (left side) with a calf (right side)

Photos form the afternoon:

Watching Mr Liable and Marble at the surface

Mr Liable (the big whale at the back) and Marble (the smaller one in the front)

Marble's dorsal fin with a marble-like pigmentation pattern that led to her name

Mr Liable's dorsal fin

Marble's tail

Atlantic spotted dolphins surfacing

Playful group of Atlantic spotted dolphins

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