Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Marble's family

Yesterday afternoon we encountered a female sperm whale we call "Marble", so we expected the rest of her family to be nearby because female sperm whales travel in social family groups called units. Our suspicions were confirmed this morning as we found Marble's family off the coast of Ponta Delgada. In total we encountered 5 whales from the group, of which we could identify 4 different individuals who we call "Orca", "Rainbow", "Left tip" and finally "Bear paw" who was a bit further offshore from the others. The oldest photographs we have of members from this group date back to 2003, so we have been seeing them for at least 13 years off São Miguel island! 

Before we went out to see the sperm whales we also encountered a nice group of our resident common dolphins followed by a playful group of Atlantic spotted dolphins that were leaping out of the waves and coming to play around our boats. From one of our smaller boats a group of bottlenose dolphins was also encountered, giving us a grand total of 4 different species today!

Photos from today:

The sperm whale we call "Orca" going on a deep dive

A young sperm whale we call "Rainbow"

"Bear paw" going on a deep dive

Common dolphin surfacing

Dolphin watching from aboard our catamaran

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