Saturday, October 8, 2016

Mr Liable and two species of dolphins

Today we went out in the morning, the sea conditions were really good at the begging of the tour but the wind started picking up during the day.

One more day we could enjoy with the presence of Mr Liable. We never get tired of seeing its tail; it is always a special moment for all of us. Every time the sperm whale is going for a deep dive we can see its tail, the happy clients could compare their pictures with the first page of our catalog of photo ID.

Besides Mr Liable, we had amazing encounters with a big group of common dolphins (they were in the same area than yesterday) and two different groups of bottlenose dolphins.

We cannot wait to see Mr Liable again!

Photos from the morning:

The beautiful tail of Mr Liable

Mr Liable

Mr Liable surfacing

Bottlenose dolphin close to the boat

Bottlenose dolphin

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