Monday, October 31, 2016

October 2016 sightings statistics

Autumn is now upon us, so the weather has been more unstable during October, but we still managed to go out to sea during 18 days of the month. As always we had some great encounters with cetaceans (whales and dolphins) off São Miguel Island. In total we encountered 8 different species during the 18 days that we went out. The star whale species was the sperm whale, as they are resident in the Azores, so they will stay with us during the whole winter. However, we also had some encounters with migratory fin whales who are headed south to warmer waters where they spend the winter. We also encountered some beaked whales (most likely Blainville's beaked whales), which can be encountered any time of the year in the Azores, but are very rare and therefore always a treat to see. As for smaller cetaceans, we also had two fantastic days with false killer whales, both times really big and active groups. There was one day with pilot whales and ofcourse plenty of our resident common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins, plus some Atlantic spotted dolphins that are hanging around until the winter kicks in. On some days that we went out we also saw loggerhead turtles and flying fish, as well as plenty of seabirds. The best part of going out on an ocean tour in the Azores is that we never know what we will see, and we are sure that we will continue to have many more surprise encounters during the winter as we continue to go out to sea.

Daily sighting frequencies for the month of October:

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