Saturday, October 29, 2016

One blow show!

Today we had a day full of surprises! After some days of bad weather cetaceans were back in our waters. In the morning we had a fantastic trip where we saw 3 different species of cetaceans: common and bottlenose dolphins and a giant group of false killer whales, as usual, very curious and playful with the boat. In the afternoon trip besides the common dolphins a fin whale appeared, it did a ‘one blow show’ as it was blowing only once every time it surfaced. Even though it was not easy we appreciated very well this giant and majestic animal.

 Fin whale

 Fin whale

 Nice rainbow we could see from the boat

 Magnific group of false killer whales

 Bottlenose dolphins on a very calm sea

 Bottlenose dolphin

 Common dolphins didn't miss the oportunity to play with our boat

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