Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sperm whales don't let us down!

This morning we started the tour heading west. The first species that we saw in our morning tour was a group of common dolphins. This group was friendly with our catamaran; we could see them bow riding the boat several times. After this group, we kept going to the west finding more common dolphins (the group was spread out in a big area).  This species of dolphin was not the only one we saw in the morning tour, we were lucky enough to find a playful group of bottlenose dolphins; they jumped several times in front of our catamaran Cetus… what a show!

When we were starting our way back, after the amazing encounters with the dolphins, we had a call from one of our lookouts… sperm whales in the area! From our catamaran Cetus we could see two sperm whales from a family that we know very well. The two sperm whales were at the surface for a while and then they went for a deep dive, allowing us to recognize them: Diamond and Bear Paw! Two animals that we usually see together, they belong to the most encountered family of sperm whales for us.

We started the afternoon tour hoping to see the sperm whales again… Nature is not always easy, it took us more than one hour to find them but we manage to see them very well. This time we could not see their tails as they were doing swallow dives and not deep dives but we saw at least 5 individuals including a calf surfacing for a while.
The dolphins were more shy in the afternoon tour… but we cannot complain, today was an incredible day at the sea!

Photos from today:

Dolphin watching

"Bear paw" going on a deep dive

The tail of "Bear paw"

"Diamond" surfacing


Two adults from the afternoon

Beautiful landscape of São Miguel

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