Saturday, November 12, 2016

A perfect calm day with a mix of species

The weather just keeps getting better this week. Today it feels just like summer, with the sun shinning warmly and a perfect calm and clear ocean full of marine life. During the morning we encountered 4 different cetacean species. We started with a very curious group of common dolphins not far from the island. The dolphins were very inquisitive, always approaching us and looking back at us through the clear water. It was a small group, but they had some juveniles with them and they were always swimming close to our boat. Further offshore we encountered 3 different species together in the same area. When we first arrived we saw pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins. All though these two species didn't stick around, the third species, Risso's dolphins, did. We had a nice encounter with these beautifully marked Risso's dolphins. From our photographs that we take for our photo-ID research we could see that it was the same group that we saw 4 days ago.
In the afternoon... more surprises :) we start with common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins, we followed to false killer whales and, when we were coming back, we found atlantic spotted dolphins, which may be the last of the year.

Photos from the morning:

Common dolphins

Common dolphin

Bottlenose dolphins

Risso's dolphin - a very well marked fin we also saw 4 days ago

An adult Risso's dolphin covered in white scars

Risso's dolphin surfacing at speed

We often see other types of marine life. This is a velella in the water

Photos from the afternoon:

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