Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Baleen whales again in São Miguel!!

After some days with no whales, we finally had an amazing day in company of fin whales! We start our trip with our very dear common dolphins, a very nice group in company of Cory’s shearwaters and a Risso’s dolphin in the middle when our lookout spotted Fin whales. They were very calm and curious about our boats, so we saw them very very close! In the afternoon they were still there at least 3 of them. A very nice group of bottlenose dolphin also showed up to make our day perfect! This is the magic of Açores, we never know what to expect about each trip

Head and blowhole of one of the whales

                                                         Whales were togheter all the time

                                                                Detailed blowhole

                                                     Group of bottlenose dolphins

Common dolphins

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