Thursday, November 17, 2016

Familiar dolphins

Today we spent the day out on the ocean in the company of various resident groups of two of our resident dolphins species: common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. Not only are these two species resident, but we also have particular groups that stay around São Miguel Island, so we can say that we also have resident groups. In the morning we encountered both species. First a group of common dolphins who were most likely hunting for food as they were spread out over a fairly large area and being followed by seabirds. We could distinguish one individual very well in the group as it was lacking the typical pale yellow colour on its sides, having a completely dark body instead. In the afternoon we resighted this same group of common dolphins, again with the dark individual standing out from the rest. The bottlenose dolphins were encountered in the morning and it was the well known group that includes an individual we call "Bubblemaker". We have been seeing this group since at least 2006, so it was nice to encounter our old friends again. This nice dolphin day was made even brighter with the presence of several rainbows over the island throughout the day. 

Photos from the morning:

The dark common dolphin

A more typically yellow-coloured common dolphin

Watching the common dolphins from the bow of our catamaran

Bottlenose dolphin surfacing

A bottlenose dolphin we call "Bubblemaker". You can clearly see why...

A Cory's shearwater with an orange belly

Photos from the afternoon:

Playful common dolphins

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