Sunday, November 27, 2016

Morning with tricky weather

The morning turned out to be with a calm sea and with good climacteric conditions, such as our lookouts were able to spot a good group of Baleen Whales, further West to our base.
However, the climate of the Azores can be quite tricky and heavy rain with big clouds took shape and blocked the visibility of our lookouts.
Nevertheless our team was able to provide us with two species of dolphins. The common ones, with their beautiful yellow, black and white bodies and the Bottlenose, with their imposing size.
Against this adversity, it was with great sorrow that we changed our route to the East where the sky was still clear.
Finalizing, after an accurate photo analyses by our biologist team, we realized that in the bottlenose dolphins group, there was Max – a dolphin with a malformation in its upper jaw.
Luckily all collide in mix of sensations. For one side, we had to abdicate the whales due the bad weather, on the other hand we had the pleasure to navigate in a calm sea in the company of two animal species.

Yellow -legged Gull | Larus michahellis
Little Egret | Egretta garzetta

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