Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sperm Whales and giant group of bottlenose

Today we had a trip full of whales and dolphins. We were in an area with many spermwhales and even thought it was not easy get close them we get to see a head, dorsals and a tail! We also found a giant group of bottlenose dolphins that made us a big show! Surrounded by so many of them it felt like we were part of the group!

Photos from today:

 Male sperm resting before the deep dive

 Showing the tail before diving

The same sperm whale with its head out

 Bottlenose dolphins were very active at the surface and very curious towards our boats

Dolphins have good eye sight when they put the head out they see us as good as we see them
 Anothe photo of part of the giant group of bottlenose dolphins

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