Monday, November 28, 2016

Unpredictible weather... in the middle of the Atlantic

Who went out to sea with us today realized in a few hours how the weather in the middle of the Atlantic is: some wind, rain, sun... and rainbows everywhere! But, being limited by the conditions, we were able to spot a group of common dolphins and a group of bottlenose dolphins. Both species were close to the shore and close to each other, but with a remarkably different attitude. We found first the common dolphins, scattered, without a particular direction and constantly diving, indicating that the animals were looking for food. The bottlenose dolphins were a group well known by us, the Bubblemaker´s group! They were much quieter and curious than common dolphins, allowing us to approach them and offering a fantastic encounter as they always do.

Some photos of our trip:

 Common dolphins surfacing

 We can see the beautifull colors of this specie

 Bottlenose dolphins were the group of Bubblemaker

 Some more detailed images of bottlenose

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