Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Sperm whales... everywhere!

What a nice welcoming the winter has given us! Today we spent the whole day in company of a very big family of Sperm whales! In the morning they were relatively closet o the shore but in the afternoon trip we did a very long trip!
The whales were very active in the surface, so we were able to see heads, tails, lob tailing and even a very small breaching of a baby!
The see was calm and animals very active; we also saw many different groups of common dolphins and turtles!

Here you can see some photos of this amazing day:

Here we were able to photograph the end of a small breaching of a baby

 Whales were very calm making the most of such nice and sunny day

We also saw some tails when the whales went for a deep dive

More whales traveling togheter

Adult with a small baby

We also saw a lobtailing behaviour, that is hiting with the tail the surface of the water, a sort of communication

This whale was alone

One of the loggerhead turtles we saw during our trip

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