Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A male sperm whale off Mosteiros

Today we travelled far from Ponta Delgada, going along the coastline to the western point of the island, off Mosteiros. However the ride was well worth it as we had nice views of the island along the way, and in the end we were rewarded with a big male sperm whale. This whale was travelling steadily, heading towards the north. He was only going on short shallow dives while he was travelling, so we was not showing his tail. As we didn't get a tail ID photo we don't know who this whale was, but we know he was not our familiar "Mr Liable" as we can see from the lack a of white spot that Mr Liable has on his back. Whoever this male sperm whale was, we are really happy to have met him this afternoon.

Photos of the sperm whale:

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