Thursday, January 12, 2017

Fin whale scent!

Our first encounter of today’s morning was with a solitairy adult Risso's dolphin. We were able to identify that he was adult because of the colour of his skin, that was extremely white, as well as the presence of lots of marks . We continued our trip and we spotted some common dolphins but since they were feeding, the dolphins were spread out and it was not easy to see them. Suddenly our lookout spotted a blow and we went to the area where he spotted it. We turned off the engines and out of nowhere a fin whale appeared at the surface, just a few meters from our boat. She took a 360-degree turn around our boat and continued to travel with another fin whale. The weather was windy and in one of their blows we could smell the breath. An intense smell of krill (mia mi!). It was a very well-spent morning in the company of two very calm fin whales.

Fin whale
Fin whale blowholes
Dorsal of fin whale

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