Sunday, January 22, 2017

Humpback whale

Today we had a wonderful surprise during our whale watching tour. We had an amazing encounter with a humpback whale! This whale species is known for being friendly and curious and for being very active in the surface, it is not unusual to see this whale species jumping or as it happened today, showing its very long and white pectoral fins, that can measure a third part of animal's total body length. In the Azores we don't see humpback whales often, but when we do it is mostly in the winter and sometimes in the spring. This was the first Humpback of 2017, let’s hope it stays around for some days! We also saw a big group of bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins.

We can see the long pectoral fin outside water...

     The whale passed very close to our boat, here we can also see the long fins they have if we compare with the body lentgh

         Dorsal fin of the humpback whale is very characteristic of this species because of the shape

Bottlenose dolphin

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