Sunday, February 26, 2017

Lots of splashes? Common and striped dolphins!

This morning we went out for whale watching trip and just after leaving the marina of Ponta Delgada we spotted our first species of the day: Common dolphin. A small pod, but they were very curious about our boat. They even approached to bowride with our boat! Was really good to be with them. We continued our trip and we spotted something ahead. We approached slowly but it was actually a tree trunk that looked like a sperm whale! Suddenly the lookout spotted a blow and by its form it was a baleen whale. We arrived to the area, but unfortunately it was not possible to see this whale. We decided then to leave the area and continue our trip. After a while we spotted some splashes. What a big surprise: Striped dolphins! They were very active on the surface and provided us with an authentic show of jumps and acrobatics. It was such a speechless moment!

Common dolphin

Striped dolphin

Striped dolphins performing a high jump!

Striped dolphins

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