Sunday, February 12, 2017

Working with nature

Today we started out the morning trying to locate a whale our coastal lookout had spotted. This whale didn't make our job easy and in the end showed us that nature is in charge. We tried several times to get to the area of the whale each time our lookout saw it surface, but we did not even see the blow. It will remain a mystery what kind of whale at actually was, perhaps one of the baleen whale species that we can expect to start migrating through the Azores in large numbers very soon. We did encounter a small group of shy Risso's dolphins while trying to see the whale, and later closer to shore we could enjoy a larger group of common dolphins. These dolphins were feeding, together with a lot of yellow-legged gulls. We are always happy to see our friendly dolphins, especially when we get to see them actively hunting at the surface.

Photos from today:

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