Monday, March 27, 2017

3 in a row!! Sperm whale, fin whale and sei whale!

The morning trip was a real surprise! Despite the weather conditions have changed faster than expected, the nature provided us with the sighting of several magnificent whales! Our lookout spotted some blows and we were going to the area but it started raining too much and he was not allowed to keep tracking the whale. When finally stoped raining, the lookout spotted another blow. When we arrived, we spotted a blow of a sperm whale that quickly dived. However, in the same area we had the privilege to be with two fin whales and a sei whale! During all the trip we were accompanied by several groups of Cory's shearwater, a species of seabird very emblematic of the Azores. Nature has unexpected events and unbelievable experiences!

Fin whale and the tail print on the water

Cory's shearwater

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