Sunday, March 12, 2017

A sunny morning with dolphins

The sunny warm weather continues here in São Miguel Island, giving us very nice conditions to go out on the ocean to enjoy the Azorean marine life. This morning we had a tour on our catamaran "Quatro ventos" and we enjoyed the company of common dolphins. The dolphins were very curiuos and playful, gliding in the waves and approaching our boat to check us out. Around the dolphins there were also a lot of birds, especially the beautiful Cory's shearwaters that seemed to be following the dolphins, probably hoping for their next meal of fish. Now that it is spring we are also seeing a lot of plankton in the water, attracting other types of marine life such as salps and Portuguese man-o-war, of which we saw plenty this morning. One of our crew members also briefly spotted a manta species at the surface. It's nice to see the diversity of marine life increasing as our waters are warming up.

Photos from today:

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