Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Five species in one trip!!

We continue with our amazing spring encounters! Today we did a remarkable trip where we saw five different species; we were out of time to see all what the sea was offering to us. We started our trip with common dolphins all over our way to the baleen whale area, they were just appearing everywhere; we stop to see some Risso’s dolphins for a while and then we continued towards the area of where our lookout spotted a fin whale, for our surprise when we arrived we has two whales surfacing together and very close to our boat. In Futurismo we applied the whale watching rules in order to respect the animals and we always leave some distance, but of curse they don’t follow any rule, and when they are in the mood they like to approach us. Today it was that case with the whales.

After that we decided to try to go to another area, where some sperm whales were seen by our lookout, when we arrived we had the luck to see two of them spy hopping ; they were very calm just laying and resting at the surface. It was already time to go back to Ponta Delgada but in our way back a group of around 50 bottlenosedolphin started playing with our catamaran and bow riding; so we stay with them for a while. Clients of today’s trip where really lucky as well as the biologist on board.

Check the photos of the trip:

The two fin whales surfacing very close to our boat

When the fin whales go for a dipper dive, they curve their back a bit more

One of fin whales

Sperm whale logging

Two sperm whales diving at the same time

The two sperm whales were socializing

Some of the big group of  bottlenose dolphins

A Risso's dolphin with many white marks, indicating it is an adult individual

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