Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sperm Whales and 3 species of dolphins!

Today we had a great day in the sea. It started with a beautiful and very calm see and a blue sky. We had the chance to see a big group o sperm whales, that were diving and feeding in a big area, we kept encountering them during the whole trip!
We saw also very quickly a small group of common dolphins and after a while of not seeing them finally the bottlenose dolphins were here! And they had a lot of babies with them. A beautiful group of striped dolphins was also sighted.
We enjoyed our afternoon with a big group of sperm whales (around 20, we couldn't count them all!), all together. We could also enjoy the presence of dolphins together with the sperm whales.

Here some photos of the sperm whales of both trips:

We saw many loggerhead turtles during the trips

Striped dolphins

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