Friday, March 17, 2017

Today... Fin whales!

The biodiversity of cetaceans that we see in the Azores is enormous; today we had an amazing encounter with 4 fin whales in the morning! It seems that the baleen season is already on! We call it baleen whale season when the big baleen whales start showing up around the Azores, this happens when they start their migration to northern latitudes where the waters are rich in food at this time of the year. Hopefully they will be around for some months! We also saw a very nice and curious pod of common dolphins, one of our resident species

Here you can check some photos of our trips: 

Fin whale surfacing, we can apreciate the white color in the lawer jaw, a unique coloration in baleen whales

Dorsal of one of the whales
The whale surfacing

Curious common dolphins 

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