Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Welcome springtime!

What a great way to start the springtime! We started our day with an nice trip in the morning with faboulus encounters with fin whales! Today the see was calm and they performed a beautifull show of blows. We also saw Risso's dolphins, with some babies in the group as well as curious common dolphins playing and bowriding our catamaran. In the afternoon it was the turn of the rest of our residente species, we went to the west quiet a long trip until we encounter some sperm whales; the whales were very active, approaching one of our zodiac boat; one of them even breached close to our catamaran. Coming back to Ponta Delgada we encounter a group of bottlenose dolphins, the very  well know bubblemaker's family; a group of at least 30 dolphins that are very happy to play with our bow. So as you see springtime has started the best way possible here in Futurismo :)

Some photos of our tours:

Fin whales:

Sperm whales:

Risso's dolphins:

 Bottlenose dolphins:

Common dolphins:

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