Saturday, April 15, 2017

A blue whale in São Miguel...also fin whales, pilot whales and a humpback whale!

Today we had our first blue whale visiting us in São Miguel! This beautiful and very big blue whale visited us in the afternoon, to the delight to everyone aboard our catamaran as well as the zodiac boats. We hope there will be many more blue whales to come this baleen whale season. In the morning we also had other baleen whales to see - in this case fin whales, which are just a bit smaller than blue whales. From our catamaran we got to see one rolling over on its side, lifting its pectoral fin out of the water, a very rare behaviour that we were lucky to see. From our other boats a group of pilot whales was also seen, an as for dolphins, today we encountered common dolphins in the morning and bottlenose dolphins in the afternoon. We had a last surprise at the end of the day with the encounter of a humpback whale. A very impressive species list indeed! 

Photos from today:

Fin whale surfacing to breathe

Fin whale dorsal

Fin whale rolling on its side, lifting up its pectoral fin

Blue whale blow!

Blue whale!

Blue whale curving its back to dive

Pilot whale surfacing

Juvenile bottlenose dolphin

One of our boats with the bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins - two mother and juveniles pairs surfacing together

Bottlenose dolphins

And the humpback whale seen on the third tour...

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