Sunday, April 16, 2017

Seeing a fin whale through the water

This morning we celebrated Easter Sunday by going out to see some of the migratory whales that pass by the Azores in the spring of the year. We ended up finding two fin whales, the second largest animal species in the world! The sea was choppy and the animals were diving a lot, probably in search of food, but with a bit of patience we managed to see the whales well. Especially the last surfacing of the second fin whale from aboard our catamaran, as this whale surprised us by coming up close to our boat and passing nearby us. As the whale passed and the waves washed over its massive body we could clearly see the colours and the full length of the whale through the brilliant blue water because of the good sunlight we had and the high vantage point from the catamaran. Another beautiful moment we will not forget.

Photos of the second fin whale:

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