Friday, April 21, 2017

Whale and dolphin watching on a calm ocean

Today was a perfect calm day, reminding us of summer, only with cetacean sightings that are more common in the spring time. The spring is the migration time of the largest animals in the world - the baleen whales. Today we encountered one of these baleen whale species - we encountered two large fin whales. In the morning they were very calm, surfacing together slowly and arching high out of the water so we could see them well. In the afternoon it took a lot of patience to just have some glimpses of the fin whales. We tried to see at least two different individuals, but both were going on very long dives and surfacing to breathe just once or twice each time. In the end we saw some blows and some people could see the back of the whale curving as it dived back down into the depths. We also encountered some social common dolphins. They were spread out over a large area in the morning, but still we could see them well. In the afternoon they had re-grouped and were very curious so we could really enjoy them close to our boat. The afternoon sunshine made our common dolphin encounter even more beautiful, as we could fully enjoy all the colours - the blue of the ocean and the yellow along the sides of the dolphins' bodies.

Photos from today:

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