Monday, May 29, 2017

A day with 7 cetacean species

Today we had some great surprises awaiting us out in the big blue. Both during the morning tour and the afternoon tour we encountered different whale and dolphin species, in fact we came across a total of 7 different species throughout the day! In the morning we started with common dolphins, then the zodiac boats went in search of a whale while those aboard our catamaran briefly came across a Risso's dolphin. We continued the search for whales and ended up all seeing them. From our catamaran we encountered a humpback whale close to Ponta Delgada that was a bit difficult to watch, but we were happy to see this species that we don't see often here. Those aboard our zodiac boat had another surprise, a fin whale! At the end of the morning we even came across a group of sperm whales, our fifth species for the morning. In the afternoon the zodiac boats found a lone bottlenose dolphin and then, all the boats went to the area where our lookouts had seen whale blows. They were three sei whales swimming together and appearing at the surface every few seconds. We haven't seen a lot of sei whales yet this year, so it was another nice surprise for us.  

Photos from today:

Humpback whale curving its back to dive

Fin whale blowholes

Sperm whale outside of Ponta Delgada

Sperm whale curving its back to dive

Sperm whale tail

Sei whale

Sei whales

Watching the sei whales from aboard our catamaran

Sei whales

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