Friday, May 26, 2017

Curious fin whales and dolphins

It's been another fine morning out on the ocean, encountering the second largest animals in the world - fin whales. Today there were three fin whales travelling together, spending a lot of time at the surface so that we could see them very well. They were a bit playful, sometimes rolling over on their sides and at one time we even saw the white belly of one of them very well. They were very curious, coming to check out our different boats. The dolphins were just as playful and curious, as they often are. We had a large group of common dolphins spread out over a large area and they seemed to enjoy our company as much as we were enjoying theirs. We especially enjoyed seeing the small baby dolphins playing around in the waves. 

Photos from today:

One of the fin whales with our zodiac boat

Fin whale

Fin whale

Fin whale blow

Seeing a fin whale from aboard our catamaran

Fin whale rolling over, showing its white belly

Two fin whales side by side

A playful common dolphin

Common dolphins

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