Thursday, May 25, 2017

Friendly fin whales, calm blue whale and acrobatic bottlenose dolphins!

Today we had an amazing day full of whales. In our morning tour we saw a total of four different species. At first we had the indication of a big baleen whale, 6 miles south from Ponta Delgada, the blow was very big and tall so we suspect it was a blue whale; and we were right! A Blue whale was there, traveling very calm and doing very short dives; after that we went to see some fin whales; in our way some of the zodiac boats got the chance to spot a very big group of bottlenose dolphins; this ones were not a know family buy us; they were very playful, jumping and approaching our boat all the time. After, we went to see some fin whales; they approach the boats a lot; it passed even under one of our boats!
Our catamaran didn’t see the dolphins in the morning but found a nice group of common dolphins.
In the afternoon, there was no blue whale anymore but the sea was full of fin whales, we also saw another group of bottlenose dolphins, curiously this were two different families that we know very well; the Bubblemaker and the Egipcio’s. These groups normally are separate, but yesterday they were all together and curiously, very close to the shore. We had to be very careful we the boats as they were so close to the rocks!

Bottlenose dolphins were very active and acrobatic, jumping and playing a lot

Another dolphin jumping

Surfacing dolphin

In the group of dolphins we could fine al sizes and ages

In here we can see a Fin whale surfacing by its lef side, notice that is much darker

The giant blowholes of the Fin whale

The same Fin whale seen by the right side, in this case we can see lighter coloration (white color in the mouth)

Here we can see the blue whale, it was very calm and slowly traveling

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