Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Fin whales continue to dominate

Again today we encountered fin whales, brining us closer to a record of encountering this species during every single tour this month of May. Throughout the day we had several different individuals around, so that our different boats could spread out and encounter different individuals. In the afternoon we had to be a bit more patient before seeing one, but in the end we had a nice encounter with a juvenile fin whale that was always travelling close to the surface, so we could see it just under water. As for dolphins, we had a very social group of bottlenose dolphins in the afternoon, and our swimmers could enjoy some nice underwater encounters with common dolphins in the morning.

Photos from the morning:

Fin whale close to our zodiac

 Two fin whales surfacing

One of the fin whales about to surface

Photos from the afternoon:

Bottlenose dolphin face

Bottlenose dolphins

A bottlenose dolphin surfacing high

The small blow of a juvenile fin whale

Fin whale head

Fin whale curving its back to dive

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