Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Finishing the month with fin whales and dolphins

Today we finished the month with our most encountered whale species of the month - fin whales!
We had a lot of different fin whales around during the day and we got to see them really well, sometimes close to our boats when they became curious or surfaced close to us. It was a really great day out on the ocean, being able to show all our passengers the second largest animals in the world. In fact the whole month of May has been great, as we have seen whales on all of our tours, so we have a 100% success for seeing whales in May. Of course we cannot forget the dolphins who are always a lot of fun to watch. In the morning we had a nice social group of bottlenose dolphins that our swimmers got to enjoy underwater while the rest of us watched them from the boats. Our whale watchers also encountered common dolphins in the morning and in the afternoon our swimmers were with a really big group of them. 

Photos from today:

Fin whale surfacing

The blowholes from the fin whale

The blow from the fin whale

Common dolphin jumping

Nice group of common dolphins

Our catamaran Quatro Ventos

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