Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Spring day with fin whales, sperm whales and dolphins

Today we had a beautiful day, the sea was calm and full of life.

In the morning tour we started with the sightings of different groups of common dolphins, they were friendly approaching to the boats. One of our boats could also see a few bottlenose dolphins. After the dolphins we went to the "whale area" where we could see two fin whales that were surfacing really often.

After the fin whales we went to the area where our look-out saw a male sperm whale. It wasn't easy to see the animal... it went for a deep dive and it was diving for 70 minutes! On average, the sperm whales when they go for a deep dive they stay 45 minutes under the water but sometimes (like today) they can stay longer... Our catamaran Quatro Ventos could see the animal surfacing for a few minutes before going for a deep dive again, what a beautiful sighting!

In the afternoon we found fin whales again, they were about four in the area. Our boats for swimming with the dolphins also enjoy the company of common dolphins!

Photos from today:

Fin whale

Common dolphins mating

Yellow-legged gull chasing a Cory's shearwater with a fish

A baby blue shark

 Common dolphin leaping

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