Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Whales everywhere!

Today, spring saluted us with a radiant day with fin whales, humpback whales and common dolphins. The fin whales were always kept near the vessels, always keeping their route. Their behavior was quite calm, and they allowed us to see them in all their splendor. They were adult animals of considerable size: as far as we know, this species reaches, on average, 24 meters long and maximum 27 meters making it the second largest animal on earth.
As for the humpback whale, it was always on the move, but approaching 
the boats and showing, 
on several occasions, its tail that characterizes it so much. 
When it was close to the surface, 
we could see its huge pectoral fins very well! 
The females can reach 19 meters. 
They are the 5th largest animal in our planet!!
We are between giants in the Azores ;) !
With the common dolphins there were plenty of cory’s shearwater 
wandering around. 
Often associated with cetaceans, seabirds are a good indicator 
of abundance of fish, 
feeding together on small fish and plankton, namely krill. 
The common dolphins, with their bright colors,
have shown themselves very curious and in fast swimming!

-Photos of the morning tour:

Head  of the Fin whale surfacing, we can clearly distinc the white part of the lower jaw

Fin Whale's head

We can see a part of the blow

The Humpback whale was showing its tail in every dive

The tail of the Humpback whale under the sun

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