Thursday, June 15, 2017

A fantastic day with a diversity of species

Today was an amazing calm day out on the ocean which we spent in the company of 5 different cetacean species. The baleen whales are still around and today we saw the second largest of them all  - fin whales. In the morning we encountered four of them travelling together and in the afternoon just one, but a very nice calm and curious one. We also encountered the second largest dolphin species,  the pilot whale, during the morning tour, which was a nice surprise because we haven't seen this species since April 15th. The third species of the day was the Risso's dolphin, which we also encountered in the morning. It was a nice small nursery group with 1 juvenile and 2 calves, one of them a very small newborn. The final two species of the day were our two most encountered species, our resident bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins, which were both encountered during both tours today. Again we got to see a lot of small babies of the common dolphins, one of our favourite things about this time of the year. 

Photos from the morning:

Fin whales

Fin whale

Some surface activity from two of the fin whales

Fin whales

Pilot whales

Pilot whales

A very white adult Risso's dolphin

Newborn Risso's dolphin - still very wrinkly

Risso's dolphins

Bottlenose dolphin

Photos from the afternoon:

Fin whale, very curious around or zodiac boat

Fin whale close to shore

A very calm fin whale, almost lying still at the surface

Common dolphin

Curious common dolphins

Common dolphin mother and calf pair

Portuguese man-o-war, a common sight this time of the year

Great shearwater, a rare sight at this time of the year

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