Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A perfect calm day with fin whales and dolphins with their newborns

Today is one of those perfect days with blue skies, a blue and calm ocean and a lot of cetaceans to see. In the morning we started with 2 big fin whales that were going on short dives and spending relatively long periods calmly at the surface. We got to see them really well, especially from aboard our catamaran which they curiously approached two different times. We felt so lucky that they came to have a look at us. Not far from the fin whales we had a large group of bottlenose dolphins. They were socialising and probably taking part in courtship, which means that we got to see lots of interactions between them as well as some impressive high jumps. To finish the morning we had a nice group of common dolphins that included some really tiny newborn babies. They babies were such a delight to see, keeping up with the group and sometimes leaping over to our boats to check us out.

In the afternoon we had another amazing trip. We encountered two different fin whales that once again were really calm, travelling and surfacing really often. We found another group of common dolphins, this time they were not really close to the boat but we could see them travelling fast and jumping out of the water.

Photos from today:

Fin whale surfacing close to our catamaran

Note the Portuguese Man of War on the fin whale!

Fin whale

Fin whale

A playful bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphin

A very dark newborn common dolphin leaping high alongside its mother

Aother newborn common dolphin and mother pair

Common dolphin

a Cory's shearwater taking off

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