Saturday, June 17, 2017

Active fin whales, a family of sperm whales and dolphins

This morning we started out with 3 very active fin whales. In fact they were so active that we saw 2 of them breaching (jumping out of the water) several times! This is a very rare thing indeed for fin whales, since they are the second largest animals that have ever lived on earth, so their huge size makes jumping out of the water a very exhausting feat for them. We felt so lucky to see this, as well as seeing them rolling on their sides and showing part of their tails as well as their pectoral fins. It seemed to be courtship behaviour that we were witnessing. With these types of whales the males usually pursue the females, often at incredible speeds and with the types of behaviour we got to see. 

We also got to see a lot of dolphins today, as we often do. In the morning we encountered a nice social group of common dolphins on the way to the whales as well as the way back. There was also a group of bottlenose dolphins around for us to enjoy.

The next trip was amazing too; we share our afternoon with a family of sperm whales. The family was spread out in the area, we saw some of them logging at the surface and some others going for a deep dive. When the sperm whales go for a deep dive we see their tails out of the water, a moment that our client will never forget.

The dolphins were around in the afternoon tour, we saw the same species than in the morning. One more day we found the group of our old friend Max (the bottlenose dolphin that is missing part of the top jaw)

Photos from today:

Fin whale blow

Fin whale surfacing

Fin whale arching high

2 of the fin whales together

Fin whale on its side, lifting its pectoral fin and showing half of its tail

One of our zodiac boats with the fin whales

Watching the fin whales from aboard our catamaran

 The tail from one of the sperm whales

 Sperm whale at the surface

Another sperm whale going for a deep dive

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