Monday, June 12, 2017

Another beautiful day of almost summer!

Today we have had one more beautiful day of almost summer! Blue sky and calm seas with whales and dolphins around. We have seen three fin whales together, one smaller than the other. Probably those whales had been feeding before, because we could smell “their perfume”. We noticed as well on one of them a big parasite! Probably it is a copepod, one of the largest known, Penella balaenopterae. This year we have seen them quite often on the skin of the fin whales.
Our catamaran has seen another not very big fin whale. It seems like a positive trend on the recovery of this species, as recently we have seen several young individuals around. Hopefully it is a good sign!

Resident dolphins were also on sight today. We have seen first the common dolphins, always getting close to the boat and playing with the waves. A small group was feeding with shearwaters on top. We manage to see the fish underneath, and even a loggerhead turtle in between all this activity! At the end of the trip we found a very nice group of bottlenose dolphins, some of them very close to us, while others were jumping on the distance.

In the afternoon tour the same species than in the morning were sighted again. Not bad at all!

Photos from today:

Fin whale surfacing

Fin whale with a parasite on top (probably Penella balaenopterae)
Common dolphins

When feeding, Cory's shearwaters, loggerhead turtle and common dolphins together.

One of our boats with common dolphins

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