Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Another summer day!

The weather in the Azores is always a surprise. This morning we went out to sea with some drizzle, but quickly we were surprised by the sun, which remained the rest of the day! 
We had the company of two species of dolphins: our well known common dolphins and the Atlantic spotted dolphins, always delighting our customers. After some time with these species, we could also enjoy some time with sperm whales. We saw different individuals in the morning trip and in the afternoon trip and we were able to identify 2 of those individuals: a female that we call Elsemiek and her calf, Peregrine. We could identify these individuals because every tail is different, with different shapes, scars, marks... like our fingerprints.
The appearance of the sun also cheered our full-day customers who enjoyed their afternoon on the islet of Vila Franca do Campo! This islet is an extinct vulcano and a natural reserve that is sought out during the summer for bathing, snorkelling and bird watching.

Photos from today:

Two sperm whales going on a deep dive

Sperm whale surfacing

Atlantic spotted dolphins

Vila Franca do Campo islet

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