Thursday, June 29, 2017

Baleen whales don't leave us!

 Our summer tours are amazing! The sun, the quite, the sea...
Today we saw baleen whales, fin whales. It's good to know that they are still around passing by heading their feeding grounds.
Happens with this species of whale that it's possible to be sight in the Azores in late summer and even sometimes during the winter, may be because the youngest ones stay around or maybe because they find food enough for them.
Big families of common and spotted dolphins were sight also, full of babies like it happens in summer tim.

Some photos of the tours:

The beautiful morning sea...

The whales were far away today, almost in most east part of the island

Blow of fin whales can be up to 6 meters hight

The fin whale surfacing

Common dolphins were very calm in the sea that looked like a mirror

Common dolphins were very social and funny

The atlantic spotted dolphins, it's a beautifull species. In this photo we can apretiate the spots in the adult and how the young are all grey

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