Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Blue whale in the morning, Sei whales in the afternoon

We know that the weather can be really unpredictable in the Azores... today we had the four seasons in one day!

The morning tour was not easy due to the wind from the South and the mist in the coast line. Our look-outs had some difficulties to find the animals because of the bad visibility but at the end of the tour two of our boats managed to see a blue whale! We also found several scattered groups of common dolphins that were clearly feeding.

The afternoon was completely different... We finally had the sun shining and the visibility for the look-outs at the coast was much better. We found a group of common dolphins with babies that were curious with the boat. After the dolphins, following the instructions of the look-out ,we found three Sei whales travelling together. Two of the whales were adults but there was another one that it was a juvenile, about eight meters in length. It was a beautiful encounter, they were surfacing really often and quite close to the boat.

During the day we also saw different species of sea birds, many Cory's shearwater, common terns and Bulwer's petrel which is a pelagic bird that is listed as endagered in the Azores.

Photos from today:

 Blue whale surfacing

 The dorsal fin from the blue whale

The Sei whales from the catamaran Quatro Ventos

 Sei whale blowing

Dorsal fin from a Sei whale

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