Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Every tour is different!

Every day is different at the sea! In the morning tour we saw three different species of dolphins, two of them resident: common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. The other species of dolphin that we saw was the Atlantic spotted dolphin, this species of dolphin is seasonal, and we usually see them when the water is warmer. After the sightings of the dolphins we were lucky enough to find sperm whales! We saw two; one of them was Mr Liable again! The other animal that we saw was smaller, it looked like a female.
The afternoon tour was really different. We saw common dolphins searching for food with many Cory’s shearwater flying around them, this species of bird feeds the same kind of fish than the dolphins so we see them together really often. After the dolphins we saw a migratory species that is still passing by: fin whales! We could smell their blow that means that they were feeding in the area. After being feeding they were really calm surfacing really often so we could take beautiful pictures of them! The catamaran Cetus was lucky to find Mr Liable again!

Photos from today:

Mr Liable going for a deep dive

The tail of Mr Liable

 Fin whale surfacing

 Cory's shearwater
Fin whale in the afternoon

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