Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Long way to deserve the prize: fin whales and dolphins!

Today we had to go far away to find the animals, we went to the East were our look out found fin whales. The weather didn’t help us but we managed to have different sightings from different species of cetaceans during the morning tour.

Our zodiac boats, on their way to the whales, found a group of common dolphins; it was a big group that it was spread out in the area. The catamaran Quatro Ventos was lucky enough to find another species of dolphin, bottlenose dolphin! We could recognize one of the dolphins from the group; it is a well-known friend for us: Max. We usually use the pictures from the dorsal fin to identify the animals but with this individual is much easier because it is missing part of the top jaw (see photos).

Once we arrived to the “whale area” we could see different blows from different fin whales. At the beginning they were really calm swimming in circles quite close to the boats. After a while they started travelling to the South. Today we were lucky with the behavior of the animals; we could see them very well… check the pictures! 

Photos from today: 

Two bottlenose dolphins

Max, the bottlenose dolphin that is missing part of the top jaw

Fin whale surfacing

The blow from the fin whale (up to 7 meters high!)

Bottlenose dolphins

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