Sunday, June 18, 2017

Mr Liable is back!

This morning we went out to enjoy a beautiful day with flat sea and the sun shining. We started the tour with a family of sperm whales, we saw about 5 of them in the area. One the sperm whales that we saw today is really well know for us: Mr Liable! The last time we saw this animal was last year, in November. We are really happy to have it back! Mr Liable is a big male sperm whale (at least 17 meters long) that we have seen around the Azores for many years. The first picture that we have from Mr Liable is from 2004, but it has been visiting São Miguel since before this time. It is possible to identify the individuals because of their tails, every tail is different (different shapes, scars, natural marks), just like a finger print!

To finished the morning we had a beautiful encounter with a group of bottlenose dolphins. It was the same group that we have seen for the last few days, Max's group! The sea was so calm that we could see the dolphing perfectly well... we could see the scars that they have and even some barnacles that are attached to their skin. Those barnacles are call pseudo-stalked barnacle (Xenobalanus globicipitis), they may look like parasites but they are not, they just use the dolphins as a free ride to filter the food.

In the afternoon tour we found the same species than in the morning, sperm whales and bottlenose dolphins. The sperm whales were more difficult to see, there were different animals in the area but all of them with the same behavior, doing swallow dives. The bottlenose dolphins, as usual, were curious and friendly  with our boats. What a beautiful day, we can not wait until tomorrow! :)

Photos from today:

Mr Liable!

 Another sperm whale

Sperm whale watching from the Catamaran

 pseudo-stalked barnacle in the dorsal fin of a bottlenose dolphin  (Xenobalanus globicipitis)

 Bottlenose dolphins

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