Sunday, June 25, 2017

Red group, Fin whales and Max's group

Today we travelled a little bit further to encounter the animals, the visibility was good and they were quite calm, offering us very good encounters. In the first tour of the day we saw two fin whales traveling together, one was quite big and the other one was much smaller, seemed like a mother with it’s calf and three sperm whales that showed us the tail.

Because of that we were able to identify them by photo ID: Pm 109, Pm 253 (Diamond) and Pm 211 (Roberta), this whales have names because they belong to a family we already know, the one we call the red group

In the afternoon we spotted once more fin whales, seemed they were the same as the ones we saw in the morning, they were heading northwest all the time and making perfect dives of 10 minutes, easy job to see them today! We also spotted pod of bottlenose dolphins, a very well known pod too, the Max’s pod.

As you can see our resident species are like neighbours for us, when possible, we know them.

Here some photos of the day:

-Sperm whales:

- The bottlenos dolphins:

 -And the fin whales:

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