Friday, June 23, 2017

Resident, seasonal and migratory species today!!

Another day of sun and species of all seasons. In the morning we spot two giant fin whales and our friendly Mr Liable, a large sperm whale that has a special blow... totally different from all others sperm whales. In the distance we could see an area full of Cory's shearwaters that seemed to be feeding. We approach and we found two different species of dolphins... Atlantic spotted dolphins and bottlenose dolphins.
In the afternoon tour we could see Mr Liable again. We tried to see a fin whale that it was in the area but the animal was with feeding behavior so it was really complicated to see it. We tried our best but nature can be difficult sometimes.

Photos from today:

Fin Whale

Mr. Liable

Fin Whale

Mr. Liable's tail

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin
 Mr Liable in the afternoon

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